The Clockworks

20 03 Café In The Woods

The Clockworks (IE) return to Café V lese after their successful concert at Colours of Ostrava!

Creation Records founder Alan McGee, who was behind the birth of bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and Oasis, has a nose for up-and-coming guitar bands. He first noticed The Clockworks in 2019 when guitarist Sean Connelly wrote on Instagram, "We're the punk rock version of The Streets." The demo impressed McGee so much that he went to see one of their rehearsals in their home city of Galway, where frontman James McGregor played with such commitment that he broke a microphone stand. McGee felt it was the best rehearsal he'd seen since the early days of Oasis, and signed with them that night.
The Irish foursome have since relocated to London, and their new single Feels So Real is a love song to the city that expands their post-punk palette and invites comparisons to compatriots Fontaines DC and Murder Capital. "London is like our second home," says McGregor. "I think the last two years have made us feel like this is where we needed to be as a band. We feel like we belong here."
McGee believes they'll be massive: "They're great live and have the songs that will make them a great band. There are major labels circling around them now. I can't imagine them not succeeding."