Sound-Check-Point Prague 2024

The aim is to continuously support the connection of the Prague club music scene with the international music scene, to continue to bring to the Prague club scene new music or "small" interesting projects that are difficult to realize in Prague without external financial support for the organizers and otherwise unavailable to the local audience. Our aim is to contribute systematically to the diversity of musical experience in the metropolis and to continue to be a platform for maintaining artistic contacts between musicians from abroad and the local music community.

We are constantly trying to broaden the horizons of listeners across musical genres in the direction of current global music trends. We organize concerts in Prague in this line of dramaturgy by emerging or less known bands, sometimes also interesting "side" projects of otherwise well-known musicians.

The planned concerts include an eclectic variety of musical genres or innovative combinations thereof and address a diverse audience, which at such concerts is traditionally varied in age, lifestyle, culture, nationality, etc. The concerts take place in local clubs in different parts of Prague and are linked to the local dramaturgy and community of visitors.