The Gaslight Anthem + Spanish Love Songs / Cancelled due to breakdown of the equipment truck

25/06/24 Roxy

D Smack U Promotion & Red Triangle present
The Gaslight Anthem / US
support: Spanish Love Songs
25. 6. 2024, doors 18:30
Roxy, Prague
Tickets are available for 890 CZK + fees at and Ticketportal.
Tickets online:
On the spot for 990 CZK.
The Gaslight Anthem, the unique rockers from New Jersey, are embarking on a tour of the UK and Europe, and they won't miss Prague either. It's been nine years in the waiting, it was released on 27 October, it's available to listen to on streaming platforms and it's a blast. It's exactly what listeners have been waiting for from The Gaslight Anthem. It's the perfect combination of rock, punk influences and folk, and live it's going to be an absolute blast. Don't miss it! Tickets will be available from 11:00 on Friday, November 3 at GoOut and Ticketportal. Tickets online:
The Gaslight Anthem have released iconic albums such as The '59 Sound and Handwritten. The video for 45 has almost ten million views on YouTube, Handwritten has six. Emotional rockers simply have their place in the music scene, and when they do it as well as The Gaslight Anthem do, success is bound to follow. And it certainly does here. Despite the fact that the band had a seven-year hiatus.
Years later, the band is back in full force, the new album is called History Books and the opening track of the same name was sung by the legendary Bruce Springsteen. The ten tracks on the record explore everything from mortality to mental illness to the various dimensions of precarious interpersonal relationships. The songs are emotive yet not at all cheesy or shallow, quite the opposite. The deep yet energetic melodies give them just the right drive and pizzazz, and it's just true punk-rock with everything.
"A big part of this record deals with all the bad things we see in the world. It's about the difficult things we go through in life and how we can deal with them," says the band's singer and guitarist Brian Fallon. "I think the answer is hidden in the fact that we're all in this together. In a way, that helps when you know that everyone has to deal with something, even though it's not easy. The main message of the album is empathy," he adds.
The Gaslight Anthem have visited Prague in the past and their concerts have been great, they have both soft ballads and songs full of thick guitar riffs and wild drums for their fans. It's got everything you could possibly need to have a good time, and at the same time to stop and tell yourself what in the world you're thankful for. Because that's what The Gaslight Anthem are trying to highlight on the new record too. For example, in the song Autumn.
"I wrote this song on a really beautiful autumn day, I was looking out of the window and I was thinking, how many more beautiful days are we going to have?" Fallon says, adding, "Most of life is just trying to survive, to make it through somehow, but every once in a while you have moments where you can be really grateful for the little things." The Gaslight Anthem concert is definitely one of those moments, so don't miss it on June 25 at the Roxy!