After two years since the release of their debut, Prague band WYFE has come up with a second album entitled Do You Ever Wonder?, on which they have taken a more serious approach and explored new corners of their carefully constructed black and white world.
The band, consisting of four matadors of the Czech club scene, who gained experience not only in bands like LUNO, I Like You Hysteric and Toneless, but also in pop Lenny and other projects, decided to expand the team preparing the album with other well-known names. Not only Martyn Starý, but also Lazer Viking, Tomáš Havlen and Matěj Belko have their producer imprint on the album. In addition to those mentioned, the album also features other interesting guests from the Czech Republic and abroad.
The whole record starts with death (Death), ends with birth (O) and generally deals with much darker aspects of life, including addictions (High and Bittersweet Love). "We all went through a difficult time on a personal level and the new record has quite challenging themes wrapped up in often actually quite cheerful songs," says frontman Marek Kedzior, describing the leitmotif of Do You Ever Wonder? "The music was an escape. If we didn't have it, we'd go crazy," adds Martyn Starý.
The established tandem Kedzior / Starý was this time much more complemented by bassist Vladimír Staněk. Musically, the album often refers to the nineties and bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr. or Primal Scream, and in places it is much more aggressive than the debut Good Times from 2021. This also has to do with how we've been in our lives," the band explains.
The single "Bittersweet Love" features Sean Hutchinson, a member of Bleachers who has recorded drums for Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Bruce Springsteen. "I just messaged him on Instagram to see if he wanted to do it. He liked the track and a week later I had the track in the mail. Lazy mouth, bare misfortune," says Starý of the genesis of the transatlantic collaboration. With the new record, WYFE is embarking on its first headline tour, which will include a Prague album launch at Kasárny Karlín on 28 February 2024. The tour will also feature German singer-songwriter Fourtuna, who meets WYFE on Do You Ever Wonder? in the duet Livin' a Dream. After the club shows, the band is going to hit maximum summer festivals. "We're definitely not resting on our laurels after the release. We have this secret plan - we'd like to record an EP during 2024 that completely breaks from what we've been doing genre-wise. But we'll keep that as a surprise."


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