King Nun (UK) + Deaf Heart

07 04 Café In The Woods

On "LAMB" (produced by Caius S-Y at The Marshall), the London quintet takes us on a journey that embraces vulnerability and authenticity. The poignant blend of introspection and raw emotion is a collection of vivid, hook-laden tracks that delve deep into the human experience; with a healthy dose of existentialism, confronting our own horror as well as social and emotional threats and anxieties.
The album captures the effort to stay true to oneself in a world that often demands conformity and distance. This powerful indie-punk, grunge opus serves as a profound metaphor for the sensitive part of us that is prone to cynicism, trauma and emotional pain. It is this vulnerability, however, that emerges as the most beautiful aspect of our being, one that rises to the occasion with tenacity and grace.
Since the release of their first single 'Tulip' in 2016, King Nun have embarked on a journey to achieve as many of their childhood ambitions as they could: headline tours of the UK, Europe and the US, as well as appearances in support of the likes of Foo Fighters, Black Flag and Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes. They pride themselves on their raucous live performances, a fact confirmed by Rolling Stone magazine, which called them "rock's best newcomers" at Bonnarroo.